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Twitter statistics and facts on paper [INFOGRAPH]

2011/07/22 3 comments

Ev Williams Twitter’s co-founder  revealed some very interesting facts about Twitter at ChirpThe Twitter Developer Conference that ran on April the 15th in San Francisco  and besides the information in the infograph Ev and the speakers also shared some great information on how Twitter’ revenue works and the money behind Twitter, you can see that whole presentation here: Watch live video from Twitter Chirp Conference on

A quick summary of the Twitter infograph.

– 75% of traffic to Twitter comes from outside
– Twitter gets 300,000 new users everyday.
In Total twitter has 105,779,710 registered users (say what you want but dam that is a lot of people Tweeting).
– And running the whole show is only 175 employees at Twitter.
– 600 Million search queries are being made every day on Twitter.
– (and back to my biggest online love “Mobile”) 37% of users update their status through mobile pones !

I hope you enjoyed this infograph, it has been added to my list of favorites! And please share your thoughts around this Twitter Infographic, i would love to hear what you have to say.
Warm regards
Josie Lou
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Mobile Messaging statistics and facts [INFOGRAPH]

2011/07/20 1 comment

So SMS is a daily thing we use (besides all the Black Berry users who is stuck on the BBM) well lets have a look at short messaging system statistics in 2011 look at the things we dont see when we SMS and some great facts on SMS and mobile in general!

Then as always, a thing or 2 that stood out for me that i peronally think is wonderful or just makes me go oeooOoo0

Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than mail or newspaper distrubted coupons.
– 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery
– There are expected to be 10 trillion SMS in 2013
– 90% Of the world’s population live in a place with mobile network access
– 77% Of the world own a mobile handset

for everything else, see below.

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How Mobile Phones are becoming the NEW credit card [INFOGRAPH]

So as mobile crazy as what i am, and my great attraction to Infographs i could not resist the happiness this brought upon my face.
An infograph elaborating on how our mobile phones will soon be used as credit cards, the pros and cons behind it and the Google Mobile Wallet logo peaking its face out there.
Have fun and please share your thoughts.


Warm Regards

Josie Lou

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